jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

Democracy Questionnaire

Democracy Questionnaire

This survey concerns the importance of some democratic values for the functioning of a democratic country.  Students, Teachers and the Educational Community in the Comenius Project partner Schools  are asked to describe their attitude to democratic values. The questionnaire is anonymous. You are kindly asked for accurate answers.

The foundation of a liberal society is the belief that the values recognized by the units are different, sometimes contradictory. For society to work, it is necessary to reach a consensus on some of the values of freedom, equality and tolerance. However, this does not eliminate conflicts related values. Not all citizens have the same opinion about the individual values, the hierarchy of importance and implementation method in social life. Liberalism accepts the existence of a conflict between values and their disparity, which is why the emphasis on methods of alleviating and reducing potential conflicts and on the procedures to resolve them and reach a compromise.

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